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About the company

ORION Group of Companies has been developing and producing shop automation solutions. The company occupies the leading position in this market segment.


ORION Group of Companies was founded in 2001. Since that moment it devoted its efforts to developing and manufacturing of sales solutions of a high quality and reliability. Orion demands much of its products.

From the start Orion has established close contacts with leading manufacturers of electronic components, units and other elements in Europe and South-Eastern Asia. Good partners contribute into the competitive status of our products.

Though Orion is a young company it can count on highly qualified technical staff (design engineers, circuit engineers, and software engineers), which have more than 15 years of experience in the specific field.

Right choice of technical and marketing staff with proper skills let the company occupy the leading position among the manufacturers of cash registers in Russia during a few years.

At present Orion has a modern production complex. Production quality system is certified to accord with standard ISO 9001-2008.

Due to many well-established contacts Orion is an active player not only in the Russian market, but in the countries of Community of Independent States and promotes its products in the foreign countries as well.

We are constantly widening the range of our products and improving functionality of manufacturing automation facilities.


ORION Group of Companies accompanies customers to innovative technologies. It helps companies and individuals to automate sales in an optimal effective way completely meeting the customers` tasks.


Prior tasks of Orion are development, production and adoption of cash registers, PC based systems, Point of Sales, electronic scales, sales equipment sets and other shop automation devices.

ORION Group of Companies is a member of “The Russian Association of ECRs Manufacturers” (RAPKaT) and “Association of the Russian Manufacturers of electronic equipment and devices”.

The company has a wide dealer network, sales agreements and after-sales service agreements with more than 2 200 technical service centers (TSO) all over Russia.

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