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Contract production

One can make use of manufacturing facilities of ORION Group of Companies placing an order for contract production.

We suggest cooperating and are able to:
- assemble electronic units;
- make plastic and metal parts (including housing parts).

Your orders are welcome. Orders can be for devices in any readiness starting from populated board up to ready-made products.

We are able to:
- arrange components supplies from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic;
- trace PCBs, prepare production and provide it with technical equipment (steel screens and the like);
- develop and make PCBs: one-side ,two-sided, multilayer with any covering (including gilding);
- mount electronic units;
- adjust, check it by technical run, arrange acceptance testing according to the agreed program and design documentation;
- make plastic parts, including housing parts;
- make cold pressing;
- design, make transfer molds in Taiwan with a short lead time at competitive prices;
- design housing parts in PRO-ENGINEER and other CAD systems.

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