Группа компаний Орион

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The factory

The products are made in a new modern factory having manufacturing area is 4000 square meters. It is situated in Naro-Fominsk city in Moscow region.


The enterprise includes such subdivisions:
Machine shop makes prime metal items. It has assembly area.
Casthouse makes plastic parts molding.
Assembly shop assembles electronic units, control units. It has adjustment and technical run area.


The factory is equipped with modern imported equipment such as follows:
- Injection molding machines «KuASY» (Japan) and «HBL» (China) necessary for making various items of polymer materials;
- SMD machines «JUKI» and «P-20» (Germany) meant for surface mounting. They can be set according to any requirements of electronic equipment manufacturers. The machines can work with a wide range of SMD-components: chip-components 0201, SMD-connectors up to 150 mm long, chips 74X74 mm, BGA, CSP, CCGA and other complicated components.
- Selective soldering machines SPA-400 (Germany) meant for automation of subassembly work and space-wired interconnections.
- Enough extra auxiliary equipment necessary in production.

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