Группа компаний Орион

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Where we are (on the map)



11141, Russia, Moscow, Kuskovskaya 20 "A", Suite B-202

A single multi-line phone:

(495) 660-25-66

General questions:

Extension: 2
E-mail: olga@orion-uta.ru

Division of accreditation:

Extra room: 2
E-mail: dogovoracc@orion-uta.ru

Sales (ECR, shop automation, spare parts):

Extension: 3
E-mail: belov@orion-uta.ru or olga_b@orion-uta.ru

Technical questions and consultations:

Extension: 4
E-mail: ts@orion-uta.ru


(495) 660-25-66, ext Number: 0

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