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Electronic cash register "ORION-200"

Electronic cash register "ORION-200" is meant for both cash and non cash payments and automation of cash operations in retail trade.

Electronic cash register "ORION-200” has an original housing.

The distinguishing features are:

- two 16-digits character Liquid crystal displays with backlight (2 lines operator`s display, 1-line customer`s display;

- keyboard which keys can be reassigned (reset) by a customer. Keyboard can have English and Arabic characters. It is very convenient and easy to enter a text.

- thermal printing mechanism by "ALPS ELECTRIC Co., LTD." (Japan), providing high quality printing, easy loading of paper and long life reliability.

This ECR model is recommended for use in large crowded shops with great sales volume. It can stand much printing on a receipt paper.

Connection to the following peripherals is available: cash drawer, bar code scanner, electronic scales, reader of credit (discount) cards with magnetic strip, PC, external customer display.

One can work in RS-485 network.

This ECR model offers many possibilities for making up automation sales solutions. Configuration of ECR can be set via keyboard and via PC.

This ECR model can be powered either from a built-in storage battery, or from AC network by means of external power supply. Built-in storage battery 1,2Ah (which can be completely charged within 2 hours) allows working at ripples and short failures of mains voltage.

Electronic cash register "Orion-200" has an imposing look and ergonomic design. It will be optimal for your working place.

Display type LCD with backlight
Digit capacity of LCDs, numbers 16
Number of lines in operator`s display (cashier`s display) 2
Customer`s display is available yes
Number of lines in customer`s display 1
Number of digits to enter 10
Number of operators (cashiers) 8
Number of departments 16
Number of groups of goods 16
Number of taxes 6
Number of programmable discounts/premiums (for a sale (purchase, service), total amount of a receipt) 9/9
Quantity of PLU numbers 5000
Payment type cash, non-cash
Number of rows in the header/footer of a receipt 4/3
Number of characters per line when printing 24
Printing speed, lines per second 4
Type of printing thermal
Consumable thermal paper
Paper width, mm. 57,5±0,25
Number of communication ports for external devices 6
Peripherals bar code scanner, electronic scales, reader of credit (discount) cards with magnetic strip, external customer display, PC, cash drawer
Operating Temperature, °С from 0 up to +40
Dimensions, mm. 315х300х100
Weight, kg. 2.6
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