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Currency detector "Platform V-80m"

Currency detector "Platform V-80m" is used to identify authenticity of banknotes, securities, credit cards and other protected printed papers.

Currency detector "Platform V-80m" checks banknotes (documents) in infrared and visible-light spectrum. By means of additional peripherals one can check micro text and magnetic marks. Detector has a large display with good image definition. There are no “dead” zones due to vertical camera position.

Detector has wide image overview which allows making visual control of one banknote or a document as well as fantail banknotes at any light conditions. One can identify authenticity quick and easy.

Detector has optical sensor automatically switched on and off. This function contributes to long life time of detector and saves operator`s eyes.

Detector has an elegant look and ergonomic design. It will occupy a small part of your working place. It matches any bank and office equipment.

Detector is powered from AC net via an external power supply.

Available connection with the following peripherals: an optical lens with built-in white backlight (micro text control), a visualizer of infrared and magnetic marks (magnetic marks control). They allow making complete thorough check of authenticity of a banknote or a document.

This detector is an ideal choice for an accountant, a cashier in a retail shop, an office or currency exchange station.

Currency detector "Platform V-80m" offers you excellent functionality at a low price.

Control types infrared, water signs, magnetic marks, microtext
Automatic switch on when a banknote is placed on a platform yes
Display type black and white, CRT
Display size 10,2 cm. (4" inches)
Peripherals connection available yes
Peripherals connection interface RJ-11
Quantity of connection ports for peripherals 2
Operating Temperature, °С from +5 up to +35
Dimensions, mm. 215x210x281
Weight, kg. 1.3
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