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Programmed Keyboard KB-105

Programmed Keyboard KB-105 is one of the peripherals which can be connected to any trade equipment as an input/output device.

Programmed Keyboard KB-105 can work with devices having PS/2 interface (a PC, a cash register, POS-system and the like).

It has a built-in magnetic card reader.

One can set 256 scanning codes to each key.

Connection to an external keyboard is available.

Nonvolatile memory for keeping symbol sequence is up to 32Kb.

Quantity of keys 105
Type of keys mechanical
Maximum quantity of set symbols for a key 256
Life time of keys, not less than 100000000
Interface PS/2 (MiniDin-6M)
Ports number 2
Connection of outer keyboard Yes
Internal memory for keeping keyboard layout 32 Kb.
Magnetic card reader built-in
Paths number 2
Life time, not less than 1500000
Comply with ISO standards 7810, 7811, 7812, 7813
Dust and spray defense class IP54
Supported operating systems Windows 98/NT/2000/XPe/XP/Vista/7
Operating Temperature, °С from +5 up to +40
Dimensions, mm. 350x174x59
Weight, kg. 1.1
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