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Electronic cash register "ORION-100"

Electronic cash register "ORION-100" is meant for both cash and non cash payments and automation of cash operations in retail trade.

Electronic cash register "Orion-100" has a compact housing.

The distinguishing features are:

- LCD with backlight;

- thermal printing mechanism by "ALPS ELECTRIC Co., LTD." (Japan), providing high quality printing, easy loading of paper and long life reliability;

- printing of control tape when making Z-report is available;

- programming of discounts/premiums and some other service functions;

- connection to some peripherals: for ex. Electronic scales allows making up automation sales solutions.

Configuration of ECR can be set via keyboard.

This ECR model can be powered either from a built-in storage battery, or from AC network by means of external power supply. Built-in storage battery 2,8Ah (which can be completely charged within 4 hours) allows it working in places not equipped with alternating-current mains and at ripples and failures of mains voltage (for example, in open air markets, travelling shops etc.).

Electronic cash register "Orion-100" has an elegant design and compact size. It will occupy a small part of your working place and become your reliable business partner.

Display type LCD with backlight
Digit capacity of LCDs, numbers 12
Number of digits to enter 7
Number of operators (cashiers) 2
Number of departments 4
Number of taxes 5
Number of programmable discounts/premiums (for a sale (purchase, service), total amount of a receipt) 3/3
Quantity of PLU numbers 100
Payment type cash
Number of rows in the header/footer of a receipt 4/2
Number of characters per line when printing 24
Printing speed, lines per second 4
Type of printing thermal
Consumable thermal paper
Paper width, mm. 57,5±0,25 or 44±0,25
Number of communication ports for external devices 1
Peripherals electronic scales
Operating Temperature, °С from -20 up to +40
Dimensions, mm. 240х250x80
Weight, kg. 1.8
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